在St工作. 卢克的

The talent, dedication and enthusiasm of St. 卢克的 faculty and 工作人员 define the experiences of our students and reputation of the School. We attract the best and brightest by creating a vibrant learning community and fostering professional growth and fulfillment. St. 卢克的 offers competitive compensation as well as a generous benefits pack年龄 that includes:

  • 退休福利
  • 健康保险
  • 人寿保险
  • Short- and Long-term 残疾 benefits
  • 假期、事假和病假
  • 产假和陪产假
  • 教育费用报销
  • Healthy lunches and snacks, daily, for free
  • 部分学费减免

St. 卢克的 offers an inclusive environment w在这里 differences in 比赛, 文化, and personal beliefs are emb比赛d as assets that enhance education. St. 卢克的 prides itself on being a forward-thinking school and is home to the 澳门在线威尼斯官方下载 - w在这里 students hone their own distinct leadership skills by developing a Design mindset, 包容的精神, 全球视野, 和面向服务. 请参阅下面的常见问题解答部分.



  • 辩论总教练

    St. 卢克的学校, 世俗的(非宗教的), college-preparatory day school serving grades 5 through 12 in New Canaan, 康涅狄格, seeks a talented 辩论总教练 to direct our Upper and 中学 program. 作为全职教师, you will take the helm of a team whose climb in the state and national ranks over recent years has raised the bar on both skills and aspirations, 和圣. 卢克的 is looking for an inspiring leader to continue that trajectory. Our program features older debaters who mentor and coach younger ones, a model that promotes the leadership skills we believe are fundamental to debate.
    圣. 卢克的 Debate program currently includes about 20 上学校 students and 15 中学 students. 这所学校参加了几个联赛, including the American Debate League (ADL), 与国家讲话 & 辩论协会(NSDA). 近年来,圣. 卢克的 Debate students at the 中学 and 上学校 level qualified for the NSDA national tournament, and we have sent teams to the Tournament of Champions. 

    有意者可申请 在这里.

工作人员 & 管理的机会


  • 招生运营经理


    St. 卢克的学校, 世俗的(非宗教的), college-preparatory day school serving grades 5 through 12 in New Canaan, 康涅狄格, 寻找全职工作, 12 month 招生 Operations Man年龄r to join its fast-paced, 高能团队.
    The 招生 Team eng年龄s prospective families through digital and on-campus experiences that help tell the story of the School and guide interested candidates through the admissions process. Using a family-centered approach, each candidate’s experience is personalized. 


    The 招生运营经理 will man年龄 the operational aspects of the admissions processes, 包括数字通信, enrollment man年龄ment and organizing on-campus events. 这 role eng年龄s with prospective families, 提供及时的, 彻底的, and persuasive communication about the people, 项目, 和St的机会. 卢克的学校. The ideal candidate possesses a positive attitude, superior interpersonal and communication skills, 注重细节, 以及对圣. 皇冠HGA010官方下载.

    有意者可申请 在这里.
  • 兼职戏剧教师和导演

    St. 卢克的学校, 世俗的(非宗教的), college-preparatory day school serving grades 5 through 12 in New Canaan, 康涅狄格, seeks a talented 剧院 Teacher to direct our 中学 after-school shows. Opportunities to teach an 上学校 acting elective are also available for consideration. 这 is an exciting opportunity for a creative individual to contribute to an 获奖的戏剧艺术项目
    The person in this role will be responsible for directing 3 shows: a 中学 fall play, 一所中学的冬季音乐剧, 和一出中学春季剧. The spring play and musical are st年龄d in the Seldin Performing 艺术 Center, 我们最先进的, 480-seat proscenium theater with full sound and light cap能力 and with the support of a robust technical crew composed of faculty, 工作人员, 和学生. 秋季剧在我们第二季上演, more intimate fully-equipped performance space, 威科夫家族黑盒子剧院. The 中学 shows include students in grades 5-8 and the titles for 2024-2025 have not yet been selected. 

    有意者可申请 在这里. 



  • 主教练-女子大学排球队

    St. 卢克的学校 is searching for a Head Girls Varsity Volleyball Coach for the Fall 2024 season.
    St. 卢克的学校是男女同校, secular day (non-religious) school of more than 550 students located in New Canaan, CT. The school competes locally in the Fairchester Athletic Association (FAA), and regionally in the New England Prep School Athletic Conference (NEPSAC).
    圣. 卢克的 volleyball team has grown into one of the best 项目 in both 康涅狄格 and in New England. The team won their first NEPSAC Championship in school history in 2021, and in 2022 had a second consecutive trip to the FAA Tournament semifinals and a trip to the NEPSAC Class B semifinals.

    Click 在这里 for more details and/or to submit your application.


If you would like to be considered for future opportunities at St. 卢克的, please email your resume and a thoughtful cover letter:

为 教师岗位:
Elizabeth Perry, Assistant 校长 for 学者, at perrye@pensezulp.com.

Kelsey Clegg, Human 资源 Director, at cleggk@pensezulp.com.

Anna Knechtel, Director of 体育运动, at knechtela@pensezulp.com


    • 卓越共融愿景

      2017年5月,St. 卢克的学校’s 校董会 approved the 卓越共融愿景, pledging to focus the school’s resources—human and financial—around three key areas: 社区, 文化, 和课程. The vision affirms that inclusive excellence allows diversity (experience, 视角, 比赛, 种族, 宗教, 社会经济地位, 性别或性别表达, 能力, 等.), equity, and inclusion to provide the foundation for educational and institutional excellence.

    教师成长 & 更新程序


    虚拟校园之旅:St. 卢克的学校




    • 圣. 卢克的?

      Most class sections are about 13-15 students. None are bigger than 18 except for ensemble classes like Band or Chorus, and it’s not unusual to have a class size of 10 or fewer.
    • St每天的日程安排是什么. 卢克的老师?

      St. 卢克的工作是5天轮流进行, as pictured below - you'll see that 上学校 classes are 60 minutes long and meet three days out of every five. 中学 classes are 45 minutes long, meeting four days out of every five. 除了, t在这里 are designated times for community gatherings such as Advisory, 镇民大会, 额外的帮助, 冥想, 和俱乐部.

    • 标准的教学负荷是多少啊?

      圣. 卢克有四道菜. Teachers receive a stipend if they are asked to teach an overload.
    • 合作的时间呢?

      Our work day begins at 7:45am, but first period begins at 9:00am. That morning time in between is used for weekly faculty meetings, 学生额外帮助, 以及与同事的合作时间.
    • Is athletic coaching mandatory for teachers?

      No, but contribution to some form of the student-facing after-school co-curricular program each season is an expectation. 最常, this takes the form of athletic coaching, simply because that’s the program with the most number of student participants and thus our area of greatest need. A willing and able assistant coach, even in a sport you never played, is always appreciated!

      然而, other forms of co-curricular work also contribute greatly to the life of the school - that could be with our thriving 剧院 program, 的designLab, 这次演讲 & 辩论队, 哨兵报(学生报纸), 社区服务, or even driving a van and working the score clock at a game.
    • St. 卢克的 offer for Professional Development?

      广泛的! We believe that the quality of the classroom experience is paramount, so w在这里 better to invest our time and financial resources? 当然, 我们的FGR项目, 其核心是, all about teacher growth (please see our video on this p年龄 to learn more). We also have a substantial budget for professional development (PD) to support faculty growth, which nearly every teacher takes advant年龄 of every year. We have used that budget to fund both on- and-off-campus PD opportunities; we offer tuition assistance for graduate school studies; and we have even supported ambitious DIY opportunities that our colleagues have proposed and created themselves, such as an entire department traveling overseas to study a region featuring prominently in the curriculum, or a road trip through the American South along the U.S. 民权之路. 除了, we offer ongoing professional learning communities (PLCs) that meet on a monthly basis, 如S.E.E.D. (Seeking Equity and Educational Diversity), 社会和情感学习, 关键朋友组, 和衡平法分级.
    • 你们提供住宿吗?? 教师住在哪里??

      SLS不提供教师住房. 这 area has many different settings to offer, and faculty and 工作人员 tend to live in a wide variety of locations – just like our student body, which draws from 25-30 different towns in Fairfield County (CT) and Westchester County (NY). The map below shows the geographic distribution of faculty homes, and you’ll see that some employees prefer the big city metro experience of NYC or New Haven; others prefer smaller cities like Stamford, 诺沃克, or Danbury; plenty of folks live in suburban towns like Katonah, Trumbull, 格林威治, or Ridgefield; and even rural communities with working farms like Redding and Shelton.

    听取SLS教师的意见 & 工作人员

    Science teacher John Higgins elaborates on the opportunities to grow creatively as an educator.
    Librarian Jean Myles discusses the professional development opportunities at SLS.
    Math teacher Bella Santos talks about ways SLS stood out to her when deciding w在这里 to teach.


    St. 卢克的学校 is an equal opportunity employer. St. 卢克的学校 does not discriminate on the basis of 比赛, color, 宗教, 性, 怀孕, 国家的起源, 祖先, 公民身份, 年龄, 婚姻状况, 残疾, veteran status or 性ual orientation or any other basis prohibited by law with regard to hiring, terms and conditions of employment or educational 项目. We strive to provide a welcoming educational environment w在这里 the value and dignity of each and every member is respected and valued.


    link leads to the machine readable files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Cover年龄 Rule and include negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. The machine readable files are formatted to allow researchers, 监管机构, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data.
    St. 卢克的学校 is 世俗的(非宗教的), 新迦南的私立学校, CT for grades 5 through 12 serving over 35 towns in 康涅狄格 and New York. Our exceptional academics and diverse co-educational community foster students’ intellectual and ethical development and prepare them for top colleges. St. 卢克的 Center for 领导 builds the commitment to serve and the confidence to lead.